The floral paintings of Bobbie Burgers

Canadian artist Bobbie Burgers is well-known for her sumptuous bouquets and botanical paintings. Not so much aimed at accurate representation, the paintings capture color and movement in rich, dense brushstrokes. Believing that the tragedy of beauty is its inevitability to fade, Burgers’ work delves into complex and evolving ideas surrounding life and the contradictions that exist within it. Burgers describes the paintings as “being portraits of time. In them, past, present and future play out … simultaneously.”

Born in 1973 in Vancouver, B.C., Burgers received a B.A. in Art History in 1996 from the University of Victoria. She has studied in Aix-en-Provence, France and returns their frequently to draw inspiration.

Her art will be displayed in a solo exhibition November 2015 at Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver. [h/t]3_paintings_of_flowers_bobbie_burgers 3_paintings_of_flowers_bobbie_burgers1 3_paintings_of_flowers_bobbie_burgers2 3_paintings_of_flowers_bobbie_burgers3 3_paintings_of_flowers_bobbie_burgers4 3_paintings_of_flowers_bobbie_burgers5 3_paintings_of_flowers_bobbie_burgers6 3_paintings_of_flowers_bobbie_burgers7 3_paintings_of_flowers_bobbie_burgers8 3_paintings_of_flowers_bobbie_burgers9 3_paintings_of_flowers_bobbie_burgers13 3_paintings_of_flowers_bobbie_burgers15