The haunting mixed-media imagery of Anthony Goicolea

Born in Atlanta, Georgia to parents fleeing Cuba soon after Castro came to power, Anthony Goicolea often incorporates his cultural heritage as well as a sense of displacement in his works of art. He works in a variety of media such as black-and-white and color photography, sculpture and video installations, and multi-layered drawings on Mylar.

From Goicolea’s website, “In a marked departure, Goicolea trained his unflinching eye on his own personal history in a highly acclaimed body of work exploring his roots and family heritage. These poignant, sometimes cinematic, images and installations are characterized by a fervent search for ancestral and social connections to a mythical homeland, Cuba—at once revealing nostalgia for a past that the artist never actually experienced, as well as a pronounced sense of cultural dislocation and estrangement.” [h/t]JuxtapozKitKing00 JuxtapozKitKing02 JuxtapozKitKing06 JuxtapozKitKing07 JuxtapozKitKing08 JuxtapozKitKing09 JuxtapozKitKing11 JuxtapozKitKing12 JuxtapozKitKing13 JuxtapozKitKing15 JuxtapozKitKing16 JuxtapozKitKing18