The infinite fragmentation of Mike Fullarton

The starting point of my work explores the idea behind fractals – detailed patterns which repeat themselves, organic forms and self-similar arrangements at increasingly smaller scales. The aim is to suggest the images form part of an infinite fragmented cycle. Although they may look computer-generated, there is a deliberate emphasis placed on the actual process of painting and the brushstrokes, combining the fallibility of the human hand with elements of artificial technology. Not to achieve such impersonal, polished images like those which are digital, but to retain painting as a human process.~Mike Fullarton The acrylic is applied through the action of pouring, layering and intricate brushwork. A process which is continually repeated to achieve a sense of depth, intensity and composition. The pixelated markings also suggest a ‘magic eye’ effect, drawing the viewer in to look for a possible image in the apparent chaos.