The light-filled figurative works of Matthew Saba

American painter Matthew Saba distorts and perplexes human perception with twisted, fragmented images of seemingly mundane scenes. He paints portraits and objects he considers to be “treasures often under-appreciated and overlooked”. By rearranging everyday forms and casting light on their form, he seeks to discover true nature of fragility, beauty, and mortality. Objects are obscured or pushed forward in highly rendered realism and in that movement between worlds, Saba elevates them and turns them into a catalyst for our exploration of deeper meaning.

Saba’s works are currently on display in a solo show at Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado. They will be shown through the end of October. [h/t]1_haunt-and-hunger-24x17.75-oil_lg-771x1024 2_silent-havens-20x13-oil_lg-662x1024 3_paper-and-stone-14x12-oil_lg-876x1024 4_breathing-15x18-oil-1100_lg-1024x858