The minimalist pop-art of Alina Nordling

My name is Alina Nordling and I’m 24 years old from Stockholm. I am currently living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam where I work full-time as an illustrator and artist. I have an bachelor in business and economics from Stockholm School of Economics. Before  starting my own company A. NORDLING ART I have been working with graphic design, social media management and marketing at several Stockholm based startups. But when I broke my leg 6 months ago I took the opportunity to make a living out of my art and also move to Amsterdam.337809-2f7fe278f7994f4bafc29b89e8b6fc9e
 The vision with my art is to create timeless pieces that fits in every modern home. I want to make it simple and minimalistic but with a lot of emotions. I find inspiration from the fashion industry and I think a lot of the things I do has a girly/popart touch. I also find much inspiration in Amsterdam. The city is very diverse with a lot of great museums, galleries and beautiful architecture. Some time when I lack inspiration I just jump on my bike and try to find undiscovered treasures in the city! 337809-3bcf80e889ca4e6ca3bca353790b0f13 337809-7f9c52e5d94445a59cce8fc43627f3bb 337809-0597c6286b9f407a9b46d231e2bd6aa2 337809-7853f445f7fc4a3f8486ea131bd1997a 337809-719721f7356e47a39e44d1dbf0c546f3 337809-237243823da44551b5d1565b287c04bb 337809-9671145554bc418dbce4277afc880e33 337809-d035f2b6c8f6451ea267db39bd99faea 337809-d581011791114d1884a3282de94161af 337809-dff73b2cb65645e79ddb4fa0bf75fc7f