The monochrome figurative paintings of Marco Stefanucci

Marco Stefanucci paints haunting portraits and figures in monochrome tones. In his latest series, titled Metamorphóō, Stefanucci exclusively uses black and white to render ghostly impressions of his subjects. His figures are left incomplete and their edges are obscured, creating a shroud of mystery that invites the viewer to enter and explore their own place of quiet contemplation.

Stefanucci lives and works in Rome. He acquired a High School diploma in Graphics, and a Degree in Contemporary Art History from the University La Sapienza in Rome.

Metamorphóō will be on display at the Galleria Art’è in Acireale (CT), Italy from April 30 to May 14. [h/t]tumblr_o675xmN7wO1qarjnpo1_500 tumblr_o675xmN7wO1qarjnpo2_500 tumblr_o675xmN7wO1qarjnpo3_500 tumblr_o675xmN7wO1qarjnpo4_500 tumblr_o675xmN7wO1qarjnpo5_500 tumblr_o675xmN7wO1qarjnpo6_500