The naturally romantic paintings of David Smith

I am originally from County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland. Growing up there, it is impossible, as a painter not to be affected by the history, landscape, space and light of the Atlantic coast. Art and music were always integral parts of my life, and the space of the Mayo landscape seems to be embedded in everything I make.~David Smith2848078_orig10 years ago, I moved to Hong Kong and was immediately faced with the polar opposite in terms of environment. I have been traveling back and over between these two places since then, and that has greatly influenced how I make paintings.3970845_origOn the surface I look at seemingly natural or romantic subjects, but environmental degradation and natural processes have a quiet presence in the work. I use the chemical qualities of oil washes to disrupt or decay the image surface, aiming to keep the painting in a state of flux between the illusion of image and its material state.The Naturally Romantic Paintings of David SmithI often deliberately remove or de-saturate specific color or detail that may pin the painting to a particular place. I usually title them with nouns that relate to the subjects, seasons, weather or time, preferring to keep them more open ended. These oil paintings on plywood panels depict vast spaces on a small, intimate scale and play with a desire for the mysterious and the elemental.1410800_orig 4698167_orig 4935932_orig The Naturally Romantic Paintings of David Smith 5292145 9295796_orig The Naturally Romantic Paintings of David Smith