The organic – and completely relaxing – paintings of Jenny Kemp

Jenny Kemp’s paintings are dynamic and multi-layered; the organic shapes and earthy colors lend themselves to nature comparisons even though they’re all completely abstracted. Each painting has exactly the colors it should have in the exact right shapes – perfectly paired pastels blending together into various lines and shapes creating a hypnotic image that lulls you into a relaxing reverie.

There’s a depth to her paintings that she creates with the repetition of lines to pull you in. Kemp creates stop-motion videos of her paintings by taking various close-up shots of the works – bringing the dynamism of her works to life even more. Her works are fresh, modern, inviting and just plain pretty to look at. [h/t]Jenny-Kemp-Painting-1-Pressing-600x452 Jenny-Kemp-Painting-2-vices-600x442 Jenny-Kemp-Painting-3-tides-eye-600x798 Jenny-Kemp-Painting-4-Heartland-600x659 Jenny-Kemp-Painting-5-MellowYellow-600x791 Jenny-Kemp-Painting-6-minion-600x810