The psychological perspective of artist Maxime

My name is Maxime, I am a self-taught artist based in Montreal, Canada. I have been drawing and painting ever since I could hold a crayon, or even dip my fingers into paint. For the past few years, I have been working towards building a professional career and portfolio, and started participating in exhibitions and events. I am also a psychology student, planning to pursue my studies in the field. Psychology is indeed a central feature of my art, since is relies so much on introspection and feelings. Art is also a therapy for me; it helps control my anxiety, explore my thoughts, and put my feelings and emotions into perspective.10945739_736642479765719_6815228046417883866_o

My work is first and foremost personal; it reflects my perceptions, feelings, state of mind, thoughts, and observations. My studies in psychology largely influence my creation, as it is based on introspection. The identity of the characters depicted in my paintings is most often vague, leaving room for individual interpretation. My goal is to engage the viewer’s questioning, and foster mystery regarding the notion of identity.11054329_754420484654585_6623480476368929795_n

The Half Light series comprises subjective portraits inspired by music from Arcade Fire, Yoann Lemoine, and Karen O among others. The series depicts feelings of uncertainty, putting the very notion of identity into question. The guiding feeling in the romance of the unknown, and the way we only perceive part of what is true and real. The whole series in inspired by the quote: “Strange how the half light can make a place new. You can’t recognize me, and I can’t recognize you”.10801760_736642406432393_6575567108066660679_n

I am currently working on a new series titled Projections. It is a reflection on myself in relation to my surroundings, my interpretation of the world and interpersonal relations. The focus of the series is on how my emotional states, my identity directly affects my perception of the world and how I act on it. The guiding idea is that what we perceive isn’t truthful, but rather a distorted view of how we choose to see the world.10982279_754422647987702_9078445581005969672_n

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