The quiet, contemplative landscapes of Marie Rioux

Canadian artist, Marie Rioux creates fictional landscapes covered in a blurry fog that gives them a dream-like quality. She often populates these environments with people wandering, probably searching. The artist uses generally monochrome tones and tries to depict the immensity of the physical world and the modest place people take within it.

On her website, she writes that she aims to “say the unsayable, that of a life force that urges us to walk, alone, towards elsewheres full of light and promises and which, paradoxically, forces us to take the confused paths of a tormented world whose outcome remains uncertain.”

Rioux was born in Montreal and currently works in Quebec. She has exhibited her works extensively throughout Canada and the US and received a CEGEP Beauce-Appalaches award in the Professional Artist category. [h/t]demain_1 demain_2 demain_15 histoire_de_pont le_fouilleur_60_30 maree_basse_m3 territoire_11 territoire_21 tete_ds_les_nuages_30_60 trois1