The soulful cityscape paintings of Jeremy Mann

Jeremy Mann creates stunning oil paintings using heavy, abstract brushstrokes that capture the grit of urban cityscapes. The frenetic spots of light and line creates a buzzing energy that takes hold of the viewer and give us no choice but to fall in love with the places he represents.

His recent works capture scenes from around his hometown of San Francisco as well as New York City. His classically inspired style mixes with more modern methods as he combines the use of oil paints with solvents and printmaking tools for a completely unique look.

In a recent documentary by Loic Zimmermann, titled “A Solitary Mann”, the artist opens up about his work. On developing his skill, he reveals: “If I could just count how many goddamn times I’ve painted a fucking car on a wet street, I’d throw up. But the fact that I now know the minimal information it takes to get that idea across in the brain…That is 10, 15 years of study into a 2 minute mark.” [h/t:]JeremyMann_01 JeremyMann_02 JeremyMann_03 JeremyMann_04 JeremyMann_05 JeremyMann_06 JeremyMann_08