The surreal paintings of Eda Gecikmez characterize the daily grind of the corporate employee

Istanbul-based artist, Eda Gecikmez, paints surreal images that embody the contemporary corporate grind. Symbols of power and productivity are clearly and cleanly laid out along with unidentifiable body parts in suits. Yet the objects are presented in complete disarray, jumbled in a way that strips them of identity and greater purpose. Gecikmez’s works center around body, identity, and gender politics.

Gecikmez states on her website, “I collect images from publicity posters, fashion magazines, brochures of shopping centers and residences, particularly images that we are so used to see in everyday life, and I try to destroy symbolically the integrity of the language of power by cutting and fragmenting the images, deconstructing them in a way. When I am reconstructing the fragments, I try to reveal from my personal perspective all the issues that emerge – such as gender roles, body politics, capitalism, urban regeneration, identity and existential problems, female instincts, fantasies, repressed feelings.” [source]eda edagecikmez02 edagecikmez03 edagecikmez04 edagecikmez05 edagecikmez06 edagecikmez07 edagecikmez08