The surreal paintings of Hyunju Kim

Artist Hyunju Kim is on an exploration into her own subconscious, dreams, childhood memories, and feelings. And her surreal figurative paintings are a record of where her journey has taken her. The images aim to evoke alternating feelings of loneliness and anxiety through their solitary subjects. As the artist takes us with her into deeper layers of her own imagination, we witness scenes full of murky introspection or those hinting at a creeping terror.

Hyunju Kim is a South Korean artist currently residing in Portland, Oregon. She finished her undergraduate degree in International Studies at National Korea Maritime University in 2006. Afterwards, she moved to the US and started her course work in art at Portland Community College, Oregon beginning in 2011. Her work has been shown various galleries and juried art exhibitions and she’s currently an MFA candidate in Contemporary Art Studio Practice at Portland State University, Oregon. [h/t]kim kim1 kim3 kim4 kim5 kim6 kim7 kim9 kim10 kim11 kim12