Tollef Runquist – Paintings

Artist, Tollef Runquist, who lives on the coast of maine, works in all sorts of media – here we look at some of his paintings… which make you feels like Tollef is showing you around his town.

“Painting for me is an undertaking of appreciation and inquiry. It is a means by which to engage the beauty and mystery of visual experience in an ongoing dialogue.”

Tollef Runquist - Paintings Moon 1 Harbor 1 copy Runquist-Bluff House copy Runquist-Afternoon Table-op-10x8 copy Runquist-Activate Runquist-20-20 Tollef Runquist - Paintings Runquist-Ill Recline copy Runquist-Entry copy Runquist-Dusk-op-8x10 copy

1 11 111 1111

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