Torn Up: Hyperrealistic Fashion Paintings by Stefania Fersini

I have a confession: I love art and fashion with equal passion. They’re my two favorite things to think about and write about so when I came across Stefania Fersini’s wrinkled up fashion magazine page paintings, I fell instantly in love. Don’t these paintings look JUST LIKE a page from Elle magazine torn out and crumpled up?

Fersini explains the series as an examination of the American, consumerist culture. The idea of waste is represented in two ways: first, in the content of the paintings – magazines push new, mass-produced stuff that no one really needs but everyone is taught to feel like they need. It’s unnecessary and wasteful.

big-58c58f9c6366538eaa0dde3624592b81Secondly, the crumpled pages represent actual waste. Elevating trash to art is tricky business but Fersini’s hyperrealistic style and incredible attention to detail make these wrinkled fashion pages thought-provoking and richly textured (both figuratively and literally) paintings rather than cheesy or heavy-handed.  [h/t]

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