Troy Brooks’ Pop-Surealim

The work of artist Troy Brooks is commonly refereed to ad pop-surrealism. He runs his heroine through the paces, putting her in all sorts of circumstances and situations, then giving the viewer just a glimpse of the action – just enough to build the proper intrigue.

hunters_and_thieves_by_troybrooks-d7pr2vw a_certain_sacrifice_by_troybrooks-d7o6s92 work_in_progress__for_november_2014_show__by_troybrooks-d7z30pe seraphina_by_troybrooks-d5cxxv1 under_the_bell_jar_by_troybrooks-d7alkzs gravity_of_regret_by_troybrooks-d7vl00y echoes_traveling_by_troybrooks-d4vg97y
a_season_underground_by_troybrooks-d4vv1yf scratch_by_troybrooks-d7zve2i to_a_jilter_lover_by_troybrooks-d4wlg0g

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