Vanity Pop by Vakseen

My creations pulsate with feminine energy. Although I can’t fathom being a woman in this
patriarchal world, I open my creative process to the allure inherent to women. I aim for my art to
celebrate the acute imperfections and endless perfections that exist within every woman. Today’s
media provides an overload of perfect images that are packaged as if they represent a reflection
every woman can see herself in. And that’s not realistic, because there is no balance. Young
women who are spoon fed hatred of their natural selves are likely to become carbon copies of
magazine covers, and find it difficult to love themselves. And that is something that
unfortunately, I can relate to all too well. ~Vakseen

I’ve created a signature style (Vanity Pop) that fuses elements of realism, cubism and fashion
design. Each painting is a unique portrait of an insecure soul with an amazing story to share. In
essence, my paintings are a visual dialogue about society’s idolization of beauty and the surreal,
superficial times we live in. I only hope to be fortunate enough to produce art that consistently
ignites discussion, captivates the senses and most importantly, questions the importance we place
on outer appearances.Lecherous-Tastes rsz_vakseen-apatetic_me_20x20pct22_acrylic_on_canvas_2016

rsz_vakseen-swan_psalm_20x20pct22_acrylic_on_canvas_2016 rsz_vakseen-todays_the_day_i_realized_36x36pct22_acrylic_on_canvas_2015 She-Got-The-Jazz The-Devil-In-Mis-Conception Vakseen-Tainted-Lusts