Vibrant paintings from the dreams of 16-year-old artist, Dimitra Milan

The skill and beauty imbued into each one of Dimitra Milan’s paintings makes it somewhat surprising to hear she is only 16 years old. The young artist grew up surrounded by art in her home from a very early age. She started painting four years ago when her artist parents opened Arizona’s Milan Art Institute and let her take any class she liked. There, she immersed herself in everything from classical oil techniques to contemporary mixed media. By the time she turned 15, she was already a celebrated artist.

Dimitra lives in Arizona with her family and regularly travels around the world to gain inspiration for her works. Many scenes from Hawaii and Greece are incorporated into the works.

“I want my artwork to inspire people and make them feel that anything is possible for them. Help them understand who their true self is and how they are capable of anything they put their mind to,” she said. [h/t]

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DanceoftheDeep DimitraMilan2 DimitraMilan3

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InGoldInGlory RunningtheDistance