Watch Your Palace Fall by Conor Harrington

Irish-born painter Conor Harrington creates classically inspired paintings of the human form to explore themes of conflict and roles within society. In one popular work, Sluggers Paradise, he depicts two men angrily pulling on opposite ends of a rope. Their allegiance is depicted using blue and red which harks to the political divide in America today or of the divide between the LA-based gangs Crypts and Bloods. Harrington also uses the recurring motif of a golden mask to look at our tendency to take on roles within society.conor_harrington01Harrington says of the works, “These paintings are a nod to political deceit, the lies and half truths told to assume a role and gain power, the prevalence of social media selves at the expense of the real self and the graffiti alter ego, acquiring a pseudonym and hiding your true identity.”

Harrington has a solo show titled Watch Your Palace Fall at Heni Publishing and Pace London through October 8th. He is also releasing a monograph, which will be officially published on 27th October by HENI Publishing. [h/t] conor_harrington02 conor_harrington03 conor_harrington04 conor_harrington06 conor_harrington07 conor_harrington08 conor_harrington09