Working through the noise – the paintings of Barry Johnson

I’ve spent my entire career attempting to earn the title “artist.” I’m not sure if I’m there yet, but I’m getting very close. I work in paint, film, sculpture, mixed media, and film. Each project that I work on is a reflection of what’s taking place around the world and in my life. It’s how I find my way through all of the noise. I start in my studio everyday at 3:45am. I prefer to work at this time because I believe the world is at it’s most calm and chaotic state then. I also work on multiple projects at the same time going from project to project. It stops me from getting in a creating funk and forces me to work harder. ~Barry Johnson barryjohnsonco_3 barryjohnsonco_3lw barryjohnsonco_10 barryjohnsonco_fix2 barryjohnsonco_fix3 barryjohnsonco_ladyinred barryjohnsonco_rise barryjohnsonco_shinebarryjohnson_co_insomnia_2