The Greatest Faberge Cakes You’ll Ever See

A recent British Easter contest saw the creation of 14 incredible cakes, each one designed to look like a priceless Faberge egg. A number of bakeries took advantage of the opportunity to showcase their skills, and results are nothing short of incredible. Each one is entirely edible, and unlike most purely ornamental cakes, these actually look kind of tasty.

Most were inspired by real Faberge eggs, and are laced with golden icing, hand-placed candy pearls and in some cases, fantastically detailed edible paintwork. The most outstanding thing, however, would have to be how fundamentally different most are. From the cake egg picked out entirely in black, gold and white to the peephole cake inhabited with a crafted sugar figurine, each one is clearly distinctive. It’s fairly surprising that you can find even one baker talented enough to create such an artwork, but to find 14 who are each capable of outdoing each other is nothing short of incredible.  [h/t]

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The Greatest Faberge Cakes You’ll Ever See The Greatest Faberge Cakes You’ll Ever See