Fragmenta – Micaela Lattanzio

Hello AIA! It is with pleasure that I would like to introduce the exhibition dedicated to the artist Micaela Lattanzio.

16749871996_2df5c136d2_zFragmenta – a visual retrospection is an overview of Lattanzio’s new production who experiences his language focusing his research on the fragmentation of identity. The work, composed on paper, are the result of a painstaking manual cropping where the image is transformed into an intricate mosaic that deconstructs the iconographic material of departure.

16155800863_6b5a6279a3_cThe artist presents to the public on March 21, at the Ma ‘Showrooom gallery of Montefalco (Pg), an unprecedented selection of works and a corpus of works recently shown at the third edition of the Bologna fair SetUp.

16588159908_e544b2f598_zAnother project dimension is represented by the site-specific installations that the artist has exhibited in recent years, to emphasize especially her attendance titled Where have the flowers gone, an installation  that covers the entire surface of a room and which consists of 7,000 paper flowers hand-cut, made at the MAAM, Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere of Metropoliz, a container of different artistic matrices that has been the focus of international media attention.  -Alessia Carlino

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