The Blinged Out Animals of Dusciana Bravura

Italian artist, Dusciana Bravura, combines a classic national art method – mosaic – with her own sense of wit and humor to create the sweetest, most fun and fresh menagerie of blinged out animals you’ll ever see. The process is probably painstaking – there are hundreds (thousands?) bits of tiny beads, glass, pearls, and gold on these fiberglass sculptures – but the result is perfectly effortless.


The Armadillo on casters is a special pleasure. Armadillo’s aren’t known for their breadth of movement nor are they known for their level of cuteness and are considered pretty weird (if they’re considered at all). Bravura takes all that negative and turns it into a mobile creature decorated with more gold and sparkle than J.Lo at the Golden Globes. The juxtaposition of the natural and boring (the armadillo) and manufactured and glitzy (the mosaic pieces) is modern and uniquely Bravura’s. And just look at the Unicorn. Again, it is obvious a lot of hard work, attention to detail and skill went into creating the sculpture but what a whimsical, fairytale result! The pieces are a delight to behold and were an obvious delight to create.

dusciana-bravura_unicorno-1 dusciana-bravura_unicorno-2 dusciana-bravura_unicorno-3

dusciana-bravura_allodola-1 dusciana-bravura_becco-giallo-1 dusciana-bravura_becco-giallo-2 dusciana-bravura_colomba-1 dusciana-bravura_colomba-3 dusciana-bravura_orso-bruno-2 dusciana-bravura_spatola-1

dusciana-bravura_tartarughe-1 dusciana-bravura_tartarughe-3