Classically inspired lightboxes by Myung Keun Koh

Myung Keun Koh gives us a unique new take on classical artwork by layering transparent prints on top of 3-dimensional lightboxes. The artist laminates each photographic print, creating a multiple exposure effect laid on top of forms resembling modern houses or building complexes. Each lightbox is illuminated from inside and radiates a warm glow on the outer artworks. The photographs themselves either feature classical figures or architectural motifs. Contours are blurred and softened by the layering effect. Muted color palettes also add a touch of ethereal delicacy.14311373590_0dc3ed9eaf_bKoh graduated from Pratt Institute in New York with a Masters in Fine Arts degree in 1991. Based out of Korea, he has exhibited his works in both Seoul and this side of the Pacific in San Francisco and New York. [h/t] 14311373630_7cc612ef94_z 14311419369_81449b3824_z 14311569177_0fdb8841d7_b 14311569227_d0569b0f7b_z 14494638951_ec1c9d2111_z 14494638961_c53976b196_b 14494639061_7c9b18430d_z 14518138643_9394152eb5_b 14518138673_bef149ed35_b 14518138693_09ffa6eed1_z