David Foster – Pointillism

Pointillism is the technique of creating images out of a bunch of individual dots. Artist, David Foster‘s pieces start out as sketches then he adds the nails. Some of David’s pictures have used up to 30,000 nails.

David Foster - Pointillism 2-Portrait-made-with-nails-by-David-Foster-26817-bfd9-790x350 2-Portrait-made-with-nails-by-David-Foster 5-David-Foster-Nail-Art 7-David-Foster-Nail-Art 08-Rylands-Factory-of-1860-David-Foster-Stippling-Art-with-Nails-www-designstack-co 9-David-Foster-Nail-Art 09-The-Liver-Building-David-Foster-Stippling-Art-with-Nails-www-designstack-co 513

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