Delicate Winged Insects Sculptures Made from Recycled Circuit Boards and Video Game Systems

Artist Julie Alice Chappell is giving old material new purpose by creating beautiful insect sculptures out of used computer parts. It started several years ago when this UK-based artist came across a box of tiny electronic parts at a center known as the Craft Bank which collects electronics to distribute to schools and community groups. When she looked into the box, she saw a mass of tiny bodies and legs and imagined them as ants. She’s been creating insects ever since.

Many of the computers Chappell uses in her work are found discarded on the street. She also gets spare parts from the Craft Bank or through donations of unwanted electronics from friends and organizations. Chappell hopes the work will highlight the ever-increasing amounts of e-waste in the world and the dangers of planned obsolescence.  [h/t]

Butterfly Gemini-Bugs Golden-Tipped-Circuit-Board-Bug Mixed-Bug-Collection Two-Bug-Assemblage Yellow-Wings