Elevating the everyday: the subversive ceramics of Steven Young Lee

Of all the myriad art mediums there are, I think it’s safe to say that ceramics is the most-often overlooked and under-appreciated. Perhaps because the foundation of ceramics is so utilitarian, the artistic merit becomes second to the functionality.

Montana-based artist Steven Young Lee is turning that notion on its head, however, with his innovative and slightly subversive series of ceramic cups with motifs borrowed from various cultures (Dutch, Chinese, Korean, French, English, etc). His cups, however beautiful and steeped in tradition as they may be, are rendered un-useable through various – and purposeful – cracks, holes, bends and tears. By taking away these common, every day objects’ usefulness, Lee is heightening and putting more emphasis on their artistic value. [h/t iloboyou.com]Ceramic-arts-by-Steven-Young-Lee-artists-i-lobo-you Ceramic-arts-by-Steven-Young-Lee-artists-i-lobo-you2 Ceramic-arts-by-Steven-Young-Lee-artists-i-lobo-you3 Ceramic-arts-by-Steven-Young-Lee-artists-i-lobo-you4 Ceramic-arts-by-Steven-Young-Lee-artists-i-lobo-you5 Ceramic-arts-by-Steven-Young-Lee-artists-i-lobo-you6 Ceramic-arts-by-Steven-Young-Lee-artists-i-lobo-you7 Ceramic-arts-by-Steven-Young-Lee-artists-i-lobo-you8 Ceramic-arts-by-Steven-Young-Lee-artists-i-lobo-you10 Ceramic-arts-by-Steven-Young-Lee-artists-i-lobo-you17-700x425