Feminine Industrial: Wire Sculptures from Seung Mo Park

The aluminum wire sculptures of Seung Mo Park are feminine and beautiful but there is a stoic detachment present; they’re intriguing and mysterious, unapproachable and melancholy. Park has become a master at creating intimate, haunting and feminine sculptures with one of the most industrial, non-delicate material available. The dichotomy is a necessary one: if he’d used some other, more typical material, the sculptures would end up too precious, too obvious.

Seung-Mo-Park-2Park has a secondary love affair with fashion – his treatment of pleating, wrinkling, folding and movement of fabric is so thoughtful and effortless it creates the illusion of real material – no easy feat when you’re working with aluminum wire. Many read like fashion models – the big hair, long legs splayed and faraway gaze are hallmarks of a Vogue editorial spread.

Seung-Mo-Park-3Whether completely nude laying on the floor in the fetal position or are wearing an evening gown with their shoulders back in confidence, Park’s women are regal, commanding and in charge.  [h/t ufunk.net]

Seung-Mo-Park-4 Seung-Mo-Park-5 Seung-Mo-Park-6 Seung-Mo-Park-10 Seung-Mo-Park-12 Seung-Mo-Park-13