Fluid and organic shapes captured in bronze by Romain Langlois

French artist Romain Langlois creates sculptures inspired both by the human form and natural world. He has an uncommon, abstract style resulting from his clear passion for experimentation and curiosity to explore new forms and textures. When he first began sculpting, he started off using plaster and clay but moved to bronze and stone to create more lasting pieces. Being an explorer, he also dabbles with other new materials, such as calcium carbonate.

Langlois is a self-taught artist who started working with sculptures 15 years ago. The Auvergne-based artist uses the natural environment around his home to draw visual inspiration for works carrying an organic and terrestrial aesthetic. Despite working in metals and hard materials, Langlois succeeds in creating a flowing sense of life in each work. [h/t boredpanda.com]stretched-bronze-sculptures-romain-langlois-1 stretched-bronze-sculptures-romain-langlois-2 stretched-bronze-sculptures-romain-langlois-4 stretched-bronze-sculptures-romain-langlois-5 stretched-bronze-sculptures-romain-langlois-6 stretched-bronze-sculptures-romain-langlois-7 stretched-bronze-sculptures-romain-langlois-8