Joseph Walsh – Sculpture

Joseph Walsh is an Irish designer who does lots of amazing furniture pieces. For an exhibition at the New Art Centre in Wiltshire, England, Walsh’s studio created the sculpture below – the largest piece of art they’ve every produced. The instillation is made out of layers of ash wood, and is called, Magnus Celestii (latin for “great, heavenly”).

Joseph Walsh - Sculpture 3-Magnus-Celestii-Desk-by-Joseph-Walsh-Studio-yatzer 4-Magnus-Celestii-Desk-by-Joseph-Walsh-Studio-yatzer 5-Magnus-Celestii-Desk-by-Joseph-Walsh-Studio-yatzer 6-Magnus-Celestii-Desk-by-Joseph-Walsh-Studio-yatzer 7-Magnus-Celestii-Desk-by-Joseph-Walsh-Studio-yatzer 9-Magnus-Celestii-Desk-by-Joseph-Walsh-Studio-yatzer

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