Kate Mccgwire – Feather Sculpture

Kate Mccgwire’ feather sculptures are made up of thousands of individual feathers. These two flowing pieces, which are on display at ‘saint mary in the castle’ in England, are made with pigeon and magpie feathers which have been humanely procured.

kate-mccgwire-feather-sculptures-st-mary-in-the-castle-designboom-01 kate-mccgwire-feather-sculptures-st-mary-in-the-castle-designboom-02 kate-mccgwire-feather-sculptures-st-mary-in-the-castle-designboom-03 kate-mccgwire-feather-sculptures-st-mary-in-the-castle-designboom-04

via [designboom.com]


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