Kazuhiro Tsuji’s Hyperrealist Sculptures

After looking at Kazuhiro Tsuji’s hyperrealist sculptures of Andy Warhol, Abraham Lincoln and Salvador Dali, you’re never going to want to go to a Madame Tussaud’s wax museum again (not that you ever wanted to go to one in the first place).  His hyperrealistic sculptures are stunning in their depth of detail.


Warhol_Front_Close (1)

These busts demand extended attention; there will be no quick, passing glances (from either party. These sculptures do seem to be staring straight into your soul). Tsuji’s treatment of his subjects is loving and celebratory – you get the impression he really came to know and respect these men as he created them. The heads are at least twice life size and situated on custom bases. Andy is all wrapped up in silver (an obvious reference to his Factory days), Lincoln has been outfitted with a simple but classic wood box and Dali’s neck fits into a black lacquered hand that, at the floor, turns into a kind of foot hand mash-up (Surrealism, you know).


It should come as no surprise to learn that Tsuji started his career as a Hollywood special effects make up artist; his skill is an obvious asset for tinsel town’s myriad larger than life make up needs.


Dali_on_Pedestal Licoln_on_Pedestal


Sources: dangerousminds.net