Lego Sculpture, Legodelhia

Lego Sculpture, Legodelhia

Legodelhia is an on-going project by artist Levi Buffum (aka Doctor Octoroc). It’s a tribute to his home town, Philadelphia PA. Legodelhia is all built out of legos with some sections being removable to get those great camera shots.  Buffum is going to put in all the quintessential landmarks in his lego sculpture and will try to make the most accurate representation of Phily he can. We’ll check in on his progress down the road.

Legodelhia, Lego Tribute to Phily 10344798_562324730543830_4576107055318553174_n 10433788_560960394013597_7293917257599268474_n 10462455_578992082210428_2394414715912166914_n 10494692_578992005543769_9199511733336647425_n 10513277_578992115543758_3419023953588872664_n 10552511_578992035543766_2483085105315693549_n lego02-642x336

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