Micaela Lattanzio explores New Worlds

I’m delight to introduce the new exhibition project by Micaela Lattanzio. After the success of Fragmenta, a series dedicated to the solitude of contemporary times, characterized by the image fragmentation and highlighting women issues in our century, the artist proposes a new series titled “New Worlds”, this time looking directly at the relationship between man and nature, and the impact that our society has on the environment in a close relationship between microcosm and macrocosm. Micaela Lattanzio’s work is characterized by its peculiar compositional technique, but this time the creative gesture is aimed to reconstruction, not to image fragmentation, where it was previously dissolved.
The photography has a macroscopic matrix, thanks to the use of satellite software, that allows to take aerial photographs of the earth, the artist de-builds the image in small colored dots, which are used as three-dimensional pigments to reconstruct abstract views that resemble planets, new worlds, and unpublished molecular aggregates seen in the microscope. The artist draws the geopolitical boundaries of the Earth, and nature, dominated by human action, reapplies its spaces.