MomentumMobiles: kinetic sculptures by Sascha Raftović

My name is Sascha Raftović, I am a sculptural designer and the creative force behind MomentumMobiles. Since 2014 I have been focusing on on the design and production of kinetic sculptures, better known as hanging mobiles and stabiles. My passion is to build sculptures that are both inspirational and affordable. I am also interested in creating large scale kinetic sculptures for private and public spaces.

Floating through time and space, my sculptures are a captivating addition to your home, workshop, office or store. Each sculpture is available in at least three color ways, to suit a wide range of interior styles. All sculptures are handcrafted in small series or individual commission pieces.Celso-Mobile-MomentumMobiles-01

I was working previously as trend-forecaster and visual designer in Paris and London, working for clients like Shiseido, Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Swatch, Philips, and many others.

I always had an affection for motion, sculpture and architecture. My profound interest in the work of Jean Tinguely and Alexander Calder lead me to the decision to draft a software for assembling kinetic sculptures in 3D.

Hand-crafting simultaneously mobiles to get a better understanding of their balance and motion, I soon found out that I was drawn to the artisan workmanship and manual work. Since 2014 I focus on the design and production of my kinetic sculptures. I live in Hamburg, Germany with my wife Christine, my Vespas and some other vintage rides.Daisuke-Mobile-MomentumMobiles-01

The kinetic sculptures by MomentumMobiles are based solely on my own designs. My sources of inspiration are fine arts, architecture, kinetics, vintage aircraft, body construction and many others.Glynos-Mobile-MomentumMobiles-02

The sculptures are hand-crafted in small series or individual items. I take care of the whole design- and construction process myself in my workshop, based in Hamburg-Eppendorf in the north of Germany.Helios-Mobile-MomentumMobiles-01Each sculpture is available in at least three color ways to suit a wide range of interior styles. In addition they can also be customized to individual customer requirements. I use only high-pigmented, permanent colors to provide a high color density, stability and abrasion resistance.Hyperion-Mobile-MomentumMobiles-02I also collaborate with customers to personalize existing designs with regard to materials, size, colors and finish. I am also interested in creating lange scale sculptures for private and public spaces.Kysnomia-Mobile-MomentumMobiles-01
Every sculpture gets a labor-intensive individual tactile finish that can be reminiscent of eroded metal and paintwork. The Process includes random distressing and over-sanding, to create an aged appearance. Due to the hand-application of the different techniques, no two sculptures will look exactly alike.Omoikane-Mobile-MomentumMobiles-02I am keen to use renewable raw materials as far as they do not affect the quality and durability. The design and manufacturing process takes place locally in Hamburg, in order to avoid unnecessary transport routes. MomentumMobiles uses an electricity provider, which relies on renewable energy sources.       Phaidra-Mobile-MomentumMobiles-03