Novik Olesya’s 3D Layered Acrylic Paintings

Hello AIA! I am an Artist from the Ukraine, my name is Novik Olesya. I use a unique technique for creating images: Sculptures by successive imposition of Layers acrylic colors and transparent Resin. Layer after a layer a picture grows. An Image does not just seem three-dimensional, it is three-dimensional and even has a shadow. It is possible to see an object with all its foreshortening like on a hologram.

10The Creating of one Painting usually takes 1 – 1,5 months. First time, to my knowledge, a portrait in its original size has been made like this! The creation of the Pharaoh’s Face took 3.5 months. The picture has around 90 – 95 Layers.  The Process takes so much time, because after the layer colors and then a layer of transparent resin – it is necessary to wait 1-2 days until the resin hardens. The photo of the final paintings is done on three sides, allowing the viewer to see the difference in an image as the angle of view changes.


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