Pop Up Art Pages by Colette Fu

These are not the pop up books from your childhood (though those are cool, too). No, these pop up art pages created by Colette Fu are on another level of artistry; the skill, dedication and patience she displays on each page is astounding.  Ashima, is an imposing, stately, construction of a heavy, dark, jagged rock formation with delicate colorful embroidery interspersed randomly through the structure.

The effect is both whimsical and foreboding. The intricate embroidery is welcoming, cheerful and reminds one of the domesticities of home. The rock formation, however, is an impenetrable fortress; the dichotomy makes for a challenging and ultimately inspiring body of work. Indeed, she always manages to capture both a spirit of joy and darkness on her pages. Her art work is complex, thoughtful and experimental.


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via centerforbookarts.org