The sand sculptures of Jason Arney-O’Neil

I was fortunate enough to spend time in my home away from home.  Avila Beach, CA.  Such a beautiful and beautifully small beach town snuggled in San Luis Obispo Bay.  I feel such a strong connection while I visit – because this place is filled with warm people who live in or visit often this sandy shore (next door to the happiest town in America- San Luis Obispo).  My contribution, sand sculptures.  The impermanent art that’s often overlooked or missed because of it’s short life.  Why would anyone put in 10+ hours a week building something that doesn’t last?  This question is often answered with a grin.  Because it’s fun. ~Jason Arney-O’Neil  img_0889 img_0919 img_0948 img_0961 img_0994 img_9266_7_8_tonemapped img_20150318_162943 unnamed-6fullsizerender-2