Sculptures made of nails by John Bisbee

Take a closer look at these sculptures and you may be surprised to find they’re made up of nails. Artist John Bisbee invents elaborate patterns and shapes using everyday nails as his medium. His passion for creating sculptures out of nails stemmed from a time years ago when he accidentally toppled a bucket of them and was surprised to find them rusted and fused into a single object.

Bisbee uses nails of all sizes starting from the smallest woodworking nails to massive 12-inch spikes. Sometimes his pieces have an orderly geometric pattern while other times, they seem to coalesce into organic forms.

Currently, Bisbee has two solo exhibitions on display. “Floresco” is on display at the SCAD Museum of Art through January 3, 2016. And “Only nails, always different” is being shown at the PCA&D Gallery through the end of December. [h/t]nails-12 nails-10 nails-9 nails-8 nails-7 nails-6 nails-5 nails-4 nails-3 nails-2 nails-1