Sculptures made of paper by Daniele Papuli

In the latest works by Italian artist Daniele Papuli, sculptures turn into slinking, undulating forms that remind us of flowing water. And one of the most amazing aspects about them is that they’re made completely of paper.

The sculptor has been active since 1991 and he developed his craft gradually while working with such materials as stone, wood, and plaster. He started working in paper in 1993 and focused solely on this material beginning in 1997.

About the medium, he states; “According to the way in which it is moved, touched, cut, paper offers me numberless sensorial, visual and tactile suggestions engendered by its new structure. My work proceeds by returning these experiences, and searching about sculpture, its physical character, its connection to space.” [h/t]2ok-565x423 COPERTINA-565x398 mise_en_mpise_1_bassa-565x467 oka1_o-565x407 panta-rei-ok-565x753 raul_1-565x852 se11_600-565x376 ula1-565x408