Sculptures of flowing calligraphy by Zheng Lu

Chinese artist Zheng Lu creates gravity defying sculptures of calligraphy in motion. His giant stainless steel works are an amalgamation of thousands of Chinese characters coming together into one fluid mass in a harmony between calligraphy and motion.

Lu begins each sculpture with a plaster base on which he adheres thousands of laser-cut Chinese characters. The final sculptures can sit freestanding on a pedestal or installed as suspended parts inside a gallery.

Lu is heavily influenced by his family tradition of writing Chinese calligraphy. The tradition played a major role in his upbringing as he has been practicing calligraphy since childhood.

You can find one of his largest sculptures on display at Sundram Tagore Gallery in New York. [h/t]2-up lu-1 lu-1-hero lu-3 lu-4-new lu-5 lu-6 lu-7 lu-8