Sculptures showered in light by Qiu Minye

Chinese photographer Qiu Minye bathes his sculptures in sparks of light. The blue and purple toned pieces are showered with sparks that follow the silhouette of the forms and leave luminous trails as they bounce to the floor. In doing so, Minye alters the recognizable form into delicate and transparent shapes of animals, humans, and abstract objects. In his ongoing series, My God, the photographer aims to manipulate time and light to create his ethereal and delicate images. “A spark is a unit of time,” he says. “Flashes of light, give this life. This work is a response to temporal life.”

Minye was born in 1978 in Qindao, China and graduated from the Department of Journalism at the University of Nanjing in 2000. [h/t]Qiu-Minye-1 Qiu-Minye-2 Qiu-Minye-3 Qiu-Minye-4 Qiu-Minye-5 Qiu-Minye-6 Qiu-Minye-7 Qiu-Minye-8 Qiu-Minye-10 Qiu-Minye-11 Qiu-Minye-12 Qiu-Minye-13