Small universes housed in glass spheres by Satoshi Tomizu

Each one of these pendants created by Japanese glass artist Satoshi Tomizu carries within it a whole galaxy. Though they’re no larger than an eyeball, the artist renders an entire galactic microcosm inside each sphere made up of opals, gold flakes, and swirling trails of colored glass. Looking inside one of these seemingly luminescent pieces could easily remind one of the starry night sky above. The spheres come with loops so you can easily chain them and wear them around your neck.

Tomizu began working with heat-resistant glass at the age of 28. His work recently won an Atelier Nova Design Award and appeared at the Handmade in Japan Festival. [h/t]spaceballs1 spaceballs2 spaceballs3 spaceballs5 spaceballs6 spaceballs7 spaceballs8 spaceballs10 spaceballs11