Spellbinding kinetic sculptures by Anthony Howe

Artist Anthony Howe creates amazing other-worldly sculptures powered by wind or motors. The kinetic energy brings the large sculptures to life and makes them cycle continuously in motion. The artist’s latest pieces are titled Di-Octo, In Cloud Light III, and Switchback.

Di-Octo resembles the tentacles of an octopus, especially when in motion. This massive wind-powered sculpture weighs 1,600lbs (725kg). Cloud Light III, another wind-powered sculpture, was engineered for extreme high winds yet spins in in winds as slow as 2mph. Switchback is gear-motor powered and can move at variable speeds.

Howe creates his works by first building and testing the pieces digitally to see how they will react to wind. Coming from a background in painting, Howe first began making kinetic sculptures in 1989. [h/t thisiscolossal.com]howe-2howe-3