The exploration of decomposition by Irene Pouliassi

I was Born in Athens , Greece in 1989. From a very young age I was an avid reader of graphic novels. The ability to narrate through the compelling compositions had an impact on me. I became an intern in the studio of a visual artist and then studied Graphic Design in Akto College. In 2010 I got accepted with honors in Fine arts school of western Macedonia, in which I currently study as a final year undergraduate student in the 3rd Visual arts Laboratory with professors Harris Kondopsphyris and Thomas Zografos. Since 2015 i am the lead organizer for the Periapsis Project an endeavor to introduce and familiarize the Greek artistic community with Concept art and narrative infused exhibitions. ~Irene Pouliassi10717925_867774053235234_514866356_nΜy artwork takes a critical view of the human body and the disintegration process as a narrative of time. I envision the human body, its anatomy: flesh, bones and its energy as natural occurrences. Studying the resemblances between human and natural forms, I want to state that we have similar narrative, constructed of different matter but with entropy as its common denominator. My multidisciplinary approach in mediums ranges from painting and sketching to unconventional media. I mainly use Rust, plaster and industrial grade materials for visualizing my ideas and presenting them as interpretations of the human body.     10718014_867774036568569_140466143_n Direction_2015 DSC_0101 P1010096 The hand_2015 φωτογραφία 110259516_786857411326899_96693607_n10323682_786857424660231_1386918532_o10287818_786857431326897_652279335_o

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