The intricate metal sculptures of Zadok Ben-David

Zadok Ben-David explores the symbiosis of man and nature in his sculptures made of metal. Born in Yemen, brought up in Israel, and currently living in London, he uses influences from all these geographies to impact his work and aesthetic. Many of his works reference his Yemeni heritage and its oral traditions, symbolism, illusions and cave paintings. He’s also inspired by alternative influences such as hand colored stipple engravings and botanical illustrations from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Though the laser-cut metal forms are flat, they can sometimes take on a three dimensional look as the artist plays with our perspective. In the last few years, Ben-David’s work was shown in Italy, China, Singapore, and at the Busan Biennale in South Korea. [h/t]Zadok-Ben-David-Sculpture-3 Zadok-Ben-David-Sculpture-5 Zadok-Ben-David-Sculpture-8 Zadok-Ben-David-Sculpture-9 Zadok-Ben-David-Sculpture-10 Zadok-Ben-David-Sculpture-11 Zadok-Ben-David-Sculpture-12