The mixed-media sculptures of Gregory Euclide

Urban and natural scenes crash into each other in stunning mixed-media sculptures made by Minneapolis-based artist Gregory Euclide. The artist explores aspects of nature, impermanence, and the human experience in swirling, floating depictions often dripping its excess paint. And the artist’s choice of materials is as eclectic as his compositions, incorporating plastic, foam, paper, model elements, architectural and geometric elements, paint, ink, and many others. Some of the works are mounted over standard whiteboards found in classrooms. It’s a small reference to his role as a teacher where, during lunch breaks, he’s often found painting detailed sumi ink landscapes. All of which he’ll erase after finishing.

Euclide’s works will be exhibited at Hashimoto Contemporary in April in a solo show titled Extract. [h/t] euclide-1 euclide-2 euclide-3 euclide-4 euclide-5 euclide-6 euclide-7 euclide-8 euclide-9 euclide-10 euclide-distance-1 euclide-distance-2 euclide-distance-3euclide