Threaded portraits by Petro Vrellis

Petro Vrellis creates stunning portraits of people you won’t believe are created completely out of thread. Each piece uses up a few thousand meters of black thread, which he crisscrosses across a primitive circular loom in straight lines. He uses computer algorithms to help generate the pattern but weaves the final artwork completely by hand with no help from technology.

Vrellis was born in Greece in 1974 and holds both a Masters in Electrical Engineering as well as a Masters in Art Sciences. He uses his technology background to open up new ways of expression in the arts. He explores the potential held in digital art and creates interactive installations. [h/t]Art_PetroVrellis_02-670x627 detail2 Petros-Vrellis-1st-test-knit-Limited-Edition-1-2 Petros-Vrellis-1st-test-knit-Limited-Edition-1-copy Petros-Vrellis-Knit-3-Limited-Edition-1-of-2- Petros-Vrellis-Knit-7-Limited-Edition-1-of-2-