Wallwave Vibrations by Loris Cecchini

Walls turn into watery surfaces and vibrate with life in these latest works by Italian artist Loris Cecchini. The series “Wallwave Vibrations” puts humming undulations on top of flat surfaces as if sounds were traveling through the surface. Cecchini creates each piece by digitally producing the designs, then fabricating them with polyester resin and applying them onto the wall.JuxtapozLorisCecchini011

Of the works, Cecchini says: “In my most recent sculptures, the ‘Wallwave Vibrations’ series, one loses the element of the object proper. The concern for alteration is concerned more particularly with the physical manifestation of the vibrations, expressed each time with different frequencies and intensities, wherein the visual pattern becomes “echo” of a phenomenon like a succession of waves on a liquid surface. In this direction it is as if the architecture, or a portion of it, is modified by the relationship between the sculpture and the wall.” [h/t juxtapoz.com]JuxtapozLorisCecchini000 JuxtapozLorisCecchini001 JuxtapozLorisCecchini002 JuxtapozLorisCecchini004 JuxtapozLorisCecchini005 JuxtapozLorisCecchini006 JuxtapozLorisCecchini007 JuxtapozLorisCecchini008 JuxtapozLorisCecchini009 JuxtapozLorisCecchini010JuxtapozLorisCecchini003