Yeesookyung’s reinterpretations of broken porcelain pottery

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery using gold as an adhesive for the cracks. By lining the cracks with gold, the imperfections are emphasized and the piece ends up looking more beautiful than before.

Korean artist Yeesookyung takes that idea and goes even further in her sculptural works called Translated Vase. Pieces of broken pottery are not just restored to their previous shape. They are completely transformed as bulbous, bubbling, sprouting forms of life. She uses 24-karat gold leaf as her mortar as she builds brand new architectures out of once recognizable household objects.

“From the moment of destruction, I obtain a chance to intervene and fabricate new narratives with my own translation,” she says. [h/t]yeesookyung1 yeesookyung2 yeesookyung3 yeesookyung5 yeesookyung7 yeesookyung8 yeesookyung9 yeesookyung10 yeesookyung14 yeesookyung15